SimGriggs Productions

Give inspiring actors and actresses the opportunity to share their gifts with the world.

B. Octavious Sims

I was born and raised in Valley, Alabama. I knew that I wanted to be apart of the entertainment industry at an early age. It’s like a feeling that came over my body but never left. I knew that I wanted to have my name in lights but I just didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do in the entertainment industry.

I started off by focusing on writing a book one summer when I was around the age of thirteen. My grandparents gave me an old typewriter that they had just sitting around and that’s where I begin writing. My mom bought me a computer but it was something about seeing my words on the actual paper as I typed that made me continue to type on that typewriter for 2 summer breaks from school. So here I was in love with writing but I still needed that talent that would get me noticed by agents. Talent such as a singer, actor, dancer, anything that would get me noticed. I started to write music and then started to sing and found out later on in life that singing was not for me.

Once I graduated high school my mom made me promise her that I would go to college to have a back up and a degree to fall on just in case I didn’t make it in the entertainment industry. So as time went on I linked with Greg and we created SimGriggs Productions. We started out doing stay plays and then short films and now feature films.

Gregory La’Mon

My name is Gregory La’Mon, I make up half of duo SimGriggs Productions. Where we give inspiring actors and actresses the opportunity to share their gifts with the world! I was born in a small town in Alabama but raised in a small town in Georgia. I must say music as always been my greatest passion. Like most I grew up singing in church with family. I have always found joy and peace from singing, just to get behind a mic is one of my comfort zones to let loose. Performing in choirs and in school there I discovered my love for acting. I would participate in different church skits and plays and I must say I always had a great sense of humor and could watch people and mimic them lol. I always knew that I wanted to be in the entertainment industry in some way, rather it be singing or acting or both I knew it would be my ultimate goal.

B.Octavious Sims and I started SimGriggs Productions back in 2011, like many aspiring actors and actresses you do what ever it takes to get where you want to be. Doing numerous auditions getting some roles and of course some of the roles you don’t get. With that we decided to make opportunities for ourselves and others. We started out with stage plays, I must say I really enjoyed us doing those, since we both came from theatre. There is nothing like a live audience to hear and see the laughter, the emotions etc were everything. We were blessed to be able to do some awesome stage plays, just to name a few “Blood Is Not Thicker Than Water” “I Almost Let Go” “ The Broken Seed”. We later ventured into the film world which is totally different, but it’s worth the challenge!

SimGriggs Productions
SimGriggs Productions